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Picture perfect CV or not ?

One thing there always seems to be some confusion about is whether or not you should include a picture of yourself on your CV? To set the record straight, there is no obligation for you to include a picture, it’s purely a personal preference.

I am personally against the idea of pictures on CVs. I don’t think it helps your CV in any way, in fact in many cases I think he can actually hinder your chances of being invited for an interview. The reason I think that is because your image represents you and it may not always represent you in the way that you would wish it to. Maybe you are smiling too much and appear too eccentric. Maybe you are too serious and dour looking. Maybe you are – in the opinion of the reader – too good looking! There are a whole host of reasons why your picture may not help your cause so the simple answer to the problem is, don’t include it.

If you do really want to do it then don’t use one taken from your phone, go and get it done professionally. The image should portray you as professional with a just hint of a smile to soften your face. The photo should be a current one, don’t use one from 10 years ago just because you looked younger back then!

Using a photo on Linkedin is a little different, you are presenting your entire profile to a wider general market and its part of your profile. Again, the photo should be done professionally. So many times I see people using their facebook photo as their linkedin photo, you know, that one where you`re on the beach in your shorts with a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other….. Facebook profile pictures on Linkedin is a big NO NO.

Like I said, at the end of the day it’s a personal preference but if you are going to do then do it right.