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Interview Day. The Dance. - Real estate recruitment in Warsaw - Tara HRC

Interview Day. The Dance.

Look, if you are really not interested in the job then why bother accepting the interview at all? Surely you have better things to do?. Ive had cases of people going to interview, leaning back on the chair as far as it goes and pretty much saying to the person interviewing “Ok, impress me”. It’s an INTERVIEW!, the interviewer is there to interview you as a potential candidate for the job, they are not there to try and impress you!

People who have been headhunted for a role often make this mistake. Yes you have been headhunted, lucky you, but so have 4 or 5 other people. You have a 20% chance of getting the job just for showing up, how much those odds increase depends on what you do during the interview.

The interview is a dance between two people. You as the candidate are expected to `perform`. Typically, hiring managers like to hire people who are a mirror image of themselves, that’s only natural, they get along best with like-minded people. So, the best way to perform during an interview is to mirror the hiring manager. Simple really!

If the hiring manager is calm, relaxed, easy going then you should be too but be careful, don’t be too relaxed as they are looking for someone to do the work so they can get back to being relaxed!!

If the hiring manager is bursting full of energy then you should be too but again, be careful, if you are too energetic they might feel a bit threatened by you as they might lose their place as the most energetic nut in the office!!

It’s not always as cut and dry as those 2 scenarios, you`ll need to judge it for yourself on the day. Some may only say 2 words and expect you to tell them your life story. Others may not let you get a word in while they tell you what a great company it is and how tasking the role is.

The key thing to remember here is the interview is a dance and you do need to perform. If you don’t then I’ll be hearing a very damning critics review about you!