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Commercial Development Manager

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Tara HRC real estate recruitment in Warsaw currently has an exciting position open with one of its clients for a “Commercial Development Manager” for a leading brand in the retail development space based in Europe.


Location: Europe

Salary: Negotiable

Reports To: Head Of Commercial Development


To ensure sustainable sales and income growth for the client by securing and optimising a commercially attractive concept for their shopping centres, the commercial development manager controls current and future centres, securing profitable and sustainable leasing of our rental space and continuously promote and develop our brand to improve visitation and tenant sales.


Manage the Commercial Project(s), which is/are aimed at sustainable sales and income growth for the client, with focus on maximizing customer experience to contribute to the long-term goal to be the strongest retail destination on each market.

The Commercial Development Manager leads the commercial projects from pre-study, preparation and execution till the handover of the project to the Centre Management Team.


Overall management and delivery of the commercial real estate project(s) from pre-study, preparation and execution stages till the handover of the project to operations of the Centre Management Team;1. Analytical

Manage and deliver the commercial project(s) in time, quality and budget;

Ensure business result by planning and setting priorities;

Develop and execute the concept of commercial real estate project(s) so the destination becomes the strongest on the local market and securing future sustainable sales and income growth while maximizing customer experience;

Ensure that the project(s) is/are always in line with existing and future market needs and trends and strive to stand out of competition;

Ensure the Commercial Components of 2025 Retail Destination Strategy are incorporated in the project(s);

Ensure that our tenants and visitors needs are reflected in our concept;

Ensure that project concept is in line with sustainability requirements of the company;

Ensure the project(s) is/are an integral part of the community and a good neighbour;

The Commercial Development Manager takes an active part in analysis, review and provide conclusion on potential sites for land acquisition;

Recruit, build and secure that the project team has necessary professional competence and expertise to deliver such project/s to a required commercial, construction and financial result;

Secure that direct reports and project members have the right knowledge and are trained to perform their job duties in accordance with established Company Steering documents, other internal Company policies, rules, ways of working, standards and manuals;

The Commercial Development Manager leads the project team and ensure good cooperation with other company functions, departments, orderers and stakeholders supporting the project in order to ensure that the results are delivered in time, quality and budget;

Interface with different stakeholders including Concept, Leasing, Marketing, Construction and other Departments to ensure smooth development and execution of commercial projects;

Interface with retail, main centre management group in the area of real estate commercial development;

Ensure that all necessary processes such as permitting, leasing, marketing, construction, and design are running smoothly;

Manage all external and internal counterparts to ensure project execution is carried out correctly to satisfy the project requirements of quality, time and budget;

Manage and maintain positive relationships with regional and local city authorities (in permanent relation with Government relations group)  and other Project team members;

The Commercial Development Manager establishes relationships and networks with industry professionals. Keep an up-to-date awareness of the market and industry trends and ways of working;

Control costs by working in a lean, simple, cost conscious way, use of best practices, discover more effective ways of working;

Ensure required and timely reporting to the steering bodies on the budget and project progress following company processes and procedures;

Accumulate best practices and lessons learnt and share them with other departments and functions;

Shall manage the co-workers in the direct subordination in accordance with the Company Structure, approved in accordance with internal company rules.

Responsible for compliance with the mandatory requirements of law in the country/countries where development is taking place, including and not limited to group steering documents and other internal Company policies, rules and manuals;

Perform other tasks as assigned by Line Manager and/or as defined by the Company business planning or Function/Department/Group Action plan;


Deep knowledge and experience in Commercial Real Estate (Shopping Centre) Development
Deep knowledge and experience in Commercial Real Estate (Shopping Centre) Project Management (of large scale projects);
Deep knowledge of Commercial concept design;
Deep knowledge of retail trends;
Knowledge of Shopping Centre consumers behaviour.

Proven track record in ability to run full cycle of big scale Shopping Centre projects (starting from Greenfield/Brownfield to Centre operations hand-over)
Excellent skills in strategic, conceptual and analytical thinking for retail environments
Strong organizational, leadership and project management skills
Interest in shopping centre business and a holistic view of the shopping centre business
Ability to work independently and across departments
A relationship building capability and leading by example to the team