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May 2014 - Real estate recruitment in Warsaw - Tara HRC

Apply for jobs you have the experience to do!

1) For senior roles I pretty much know who I want to speak with on the market and 2) I get bombarded with CVs from people who either have no relevant experience for the role or are still a few years short of taking on such a role….. Let me…


Salary levels; Are you at true market level today?

Because the pre-crash levels were inflated and because companies usually could, and did, take advantage of the downturn in the market. 2013 was really the first year where we saw the pendulum swing from an employer driven market back to an employee driven market. What we are left with now…


Apply directly for a job or ask a headhunter to represent you?

Allow me to explain how this works, once you send your CV directly to a company I cannot represent you at that company. Reason? They wont pay a headhunter for the CV of a person they have already received directly from the person. What this also means is that I…